Friday, August 25, 2006

Act 1: Scene 1

Chris returned to school today from his suspension. Did I forget to mention that he was suspended for 3 days for having cigarettes on him at school? That he, now has to take a class on how smoking is bad for you, and pay a $25.oo civil fine, as well as $25.oo for the class? Oh, and that they will not make this a criminal charge, unless it happens again. The boy dodged a big ol'bullet on that one, Maybe now he'll listen? HA! we know better don't we.

The good news is he landed the lead in the school play. Yes, welcome to the roller coaster ride called 'LIFE WITH A TEENAGER' that is my life. He will be playing Newton Fuller in George Washington Slept Here.

David attended his first school dance today (Ashley was unable to attend due to being grounded for missing curfew). David did have a companion for the event and he says that he asked her to be his girlfriend. The girl then replied that he would have to ask her father. David relays the story this way:

" So I went up to her Dad and said can I be your daughters girlfriend? and the dad and she both laughed and I got all confused. She said "No, ask him what you asked me.", But I couldn't remember what I said. So her dad told me to write it down and give it to her and she would give it to him. Then they left and I left and walking home I remembered I should of said Can I be your daughters boyfriend!"

That was one breath ladies and gents! How do they do that? I talk fast, but at least I breath. I think. According to David they didn't dance, they just sat around and talked. He claims that he asked her if she wanted to dance,but that she kept saying no.

This event made me remember my first school dance. It was in 6th grade. The dance was held before school in the cafeteria. I was so disappointed, I had read in books what a school dance was supposed to be like and this was definately not it. We had the kind of tables where the benches were connected to the table top by hinges. You could fold up the tables to form rows of benches sans table. This was how they would arrange them for school assembilies, and how they had them arranged for the dance. No colorful streams decked the ceilings, just the plain white tile ceiling as always. The doors to the kitchen where shut thankfully, and a sign reading "WELCOME 6TH GRADERS!" was taped to the metal bar that formed our lunch line. On the stage a teacher was manning a boom box with a microphone in front of it, to supply the music we were going to "Jam to", as that teacher put it. Personaly, I thought the teacher had seen one to many episodes of the cosby show. It was just so lame comming out of the mouth of a teacher, no one really talked like that, at least no one that old. The smell of old grease filled the air. Boys were on one side and girls on the other and never the twain to meet. The dance was scheduled to last for one hour. Thirty minutes in to it, and I was out of the cafeteria and on my way to the library. I refused to go to another school dance until my 8th grade year, but that is a different memory.


Anonymous Nancy R. Callahan said...

So did David ever get a response from his (girl)friend's father? :)

8/25/2006 09:20:00 PM  
Blogger Bk30 said...

Not yet, everything happened this afternoon. He has to wait until Monday to give her the note, to give to her father :)

8/26/2006 12:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Nancy R. Callahan said...

Oh! Gotcha. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. :)

8/26/2006 02:11:00 PM  

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