Monday, August 28, 2006

Starting to get comfortable

Well we are moving in nicely aren't we? Put some paint on the walls (thanks to the Beav), added some links. Just a few more 'things' to hang up.

I allowed myself to play DAoC tonight. It is Sunday and I worked hard all week, I figure I deserve it. I could sure tell I hadn't played in awhile. Although we did play in Thidranki tonight, which is a lower lvl battleground(call it baby RvR), and only the second time I have ever played a healer. My response time is way down though.

I just realized I had not done a "what I'm reading now" in a while. I am currently reading Agatha Christie Death in the Air. A Herucle Poirot. Next to Ms Marple, Herc is my favorite. Funny but true, this book has a copyright date of 1935 and one of the suspects is addicted to coke! I know that cocaine has been around for forever, and that in other books veiled references are made to the use of it and other drugs. Just not something I was expecting in mainstream print in 1935, a drunk I could accept, that the murdered person was a loan shark okay, but drug addiction talked about so freely during that time, just strikes me as odd. Now, if I could just figure out how the murderer managed to shoot a blow gun in a plane with no one seeing....I'd be one up on Mr. Poirot, but I have my suspicions that the "blow gun" found isn't the actual murder weapon...we shall see gentle reader..we shall see.


Blogger Beav said...

Well, you know Sherlock Holmes reguarly used Heroin (I think, though it may have been Cocaine) when he didn't have a case to distract him. I think it's only portrayed directly in one or two stories, but it was definitely there. And that was around 1900.

8/28/2006 04:55:00 PM  

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