Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today is filled with more questions than answers.

Give me a blog chain and I will kink it up. I had originally posted the wrong link at the end of my entry to blog chain#5. In going back to correct my mistake, I was able to stop and look around the next stop in the chain. I found one of the most moving pieces of film I have seen in a long while. That I could not understand 'the words' wasn't important, the emotion in the voice, coupled with the imagery and the music touched my soul. The entry following the piece causes my heart to ache. Please take a moment, go watch the video, read the entry and come back. I'll wait.

Today also marks the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (in case you missed that in all the coverage it's been getting). As a someone from the south, this is really getting on my nerves. I don't really know how to express myself when it comes to this topic because I get so upset. I understand that the city of New Orleans was devastated by effects of the storm. I get that I really do, and the lives lost are a tragedy. I do not use that term lightly. What about the Mississippi Gulf Coast, or Alabama, or the rest of Louisiana? Lives were lost, homes destroyed, things will never be the same again. New Orleans was a matter of bad government at the local and state level, and it cost lives. Remember folks the levy broke after the storm had past!! What about the rest of the area's that where affected by the storm! If you must make us rehash this every few months, can we at least dwell on something other than bad city planning!!!!
Sorry, I told you I get emotional about this. One of my best friends lives in Biloxi, Ms. For weeks I could not get in touch with her, had no idea if she had lived or died. I do not like being reminded of that every time I turn on the flipping TV!!

I saw a reporter today standing in front of a house in New Orleans, the yard had been cleaned up, and except for the spray paint tag on the door, everything looked normal. When they did a close up of the window you could see furniture shoved around the room and up against the window. This scene captured two things for me. 1) the pretty lawn was New Orleans and the stuff in the house is everyone else. 2) That's how the south is. We paint a pretty picture to distract you from the pain we really feel. That pain belongs to us. It is us. We absorb it to make us stronger.
Maybe that's just me and I will get a 100 angry posts about how insensitive I am.


Anonymous bobbiemonster said...

I remember, when you where a child, your daddy and I went to Pass Christian to a church thing. It was such a lovely town and embodied, for me, southern gentility (?). I am sorry to know "that" town is gone forever.
New Orleans is easier for the rest of the world, its one city, one place, and the world can use it to shut out all the rest of the pain.

8/29/2006 02:50:00 PM  
Blogger Bhaswati said...

Insensitive? I think the world needs more people who think like you. It's indeed sad when a lot of people get sidelined by the media and the government in their attempt to deal with the "big news". I can imagine the pain you must feel. I only hope all those who were affected stand together and help each other rebuild lives.

Thank you for linking to my blog. I am so glad you liked that video. :)

8/30/2006 12:53:00 AM  

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