Saturday, August 26, 2006

What a difference a day makes

No cool text color today folks. I am too proud of myself, for finally figuring out how to post a link that works(see right of screen), to worry about using a mood related color.
I learned all sorts of interesting things while learning how to do this. Did you know that 5-10% of all men are color blind to some extent? They can not read something if it is printed on a yellow background. I did not know this, to bad for you(those that play trivia games with me), I do now LOL. Ah learning is FUN and fundamental ...oh wait that's reading, bah, it's learning too. Especially when I finally NAIL IT!! Now all I have to do is: figure out how to make room for more links, create another sidebar for my blog, and insert a book list. I also want to change the background on my blog to tan and the words in my title to Navy blue, but one thing at a time.

I read, today, of a short story contest that is being held here. The Emerald Coast Writer's Annual Sandscript Contest is underway. I have a month to get a submission in, so I guess I'm going to shoot for the moon, or at least, the inner coastal water way bridge. There is also a writers workshop being hosted by Bob Mayer on September 23rd. The fee for the event is $85.00, but I still hope to be able to go. Kind of nervous though, if I do manage to scrape up the cash to spare, I'll be going alone. Let's face it, I usually don't do stuff like this alone. I go if someone else I know is going, but by myself HA! I have a hard time sitting in a restaurant and eating by myself even if it's a fast food place. Let alone sit through a day long workshop. One thing I've learned growing up around water though: if you try to wade in you'll chicken out, better to just jump feet first, and let your body get used to the shock.

Today was also my nephews birthday party. Hard to believe he is about to be three! It seems like just yesterday I watched him come into this world. He got a swing set from his Mimi and Pappy. I didn't get to see his expression when he saw it though. All I saw was a little streak as he ran past me. During the party, we had been keeping the children corralled on the breezeway, not letting them into the backyard. When we released the horde, my nephew ran straight for the LITTLE TYKE (tm) play slide he has had for a while. One of the other children saw the new Swing Set and called out "No, over here". My nephew is no dummy, his head whipped around and boom, off like a shot, straight for the see-saw. He eventualy tried out the carriage swing and the regular swings, he also tried the teeder totter(this is what we call the two person swing that looks like bicycle seats or saddles-to me- attached to a pole hanging down from the main beam, the object of this is you lean foward and the other person leans back, and you swing-although I have ridden it by myself before-). Watching as 11 preschoolers swarmed over this "new" toy, we parents talked about our first swings. I smiled as the memory of my Dad and Uncle putting ours up in the backyard and my sisters and I spying out the bedroom window(it was supposed to be a surprise). Steph and I both commented that our swing set lasted for years and it did too. We spent so much time playing on it, watching Rachael do her spins and flips on the main beam(she never had any fear) and swinging while singing silly songs together. Steph knows what's she is in for. She had already arranged her chairs over by the swing set in the shade of the huge oak tree that dominates her back yard.

After seeing the swing set, other presents seemed to be the last thing on his mind. Somehow his mother convinced him to go in and open them all up. As a special treat he also had a pinata'. Unfortunatly is was hung a little to high, so we had a line of little kids armed with a broken broom handle swinging up over their heads, to pelt this poor thing. Lots of jumping was involved and screams from adults of "back up, everyone back up." and " let so and so have a turn now."
I think we went through the line about 3 times. The girls dropped first and the older boys kept giving it all they were worth. Finally my sister took pity and ripped it open. Ever seen cockroahes scatter when the light comes on? picture that in reverse..pretty much what it was like when the candy started to flow.

Between the swing set, the countless action figures(teenage mutant ninja turtles(tm), Hot wheels(tm) and Cars(tm) items, the boy had quite the haul. He knew it was his party too, while we were attempting to sing Happy Birthday, he practised his blowing. He knew his big scene was comming up and he wanted to get it just right! Over the song I could hear his uuuhhh and whoooo, uuuuuhhh,whoooo . When it was time he got all the candles out(with a little help from his best buddy of course).

Now I am home and completely beat, but that's how my weekend is going. How are ya'll?


Blogger Beav said...

Sounds like a great party. Glad everyone got to have fun. Good luck on the class/workshop and contest. And lastly, here are a couple pages to help with your colorization:


8/27/2006 11:39:00 AM  
Blogger Bk30 said...

Thanks Beav! :)

8/27/2006 02:27:00 PM  

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