Thursday, September 07, 2006

OY! Technology

Okay, sidebar is finally hanging where it is supposed to. I still do not know what caused it to fall in the first place. I removed the flash fiction signs and rehung them, no change. I went into everypost I had made and studied the HTML code til I thought I would go blind. I even went so far as to copy the orginal template on to notepad and run it side by side my current template, to see if anything was out of place. Nothing, zilp, zitch, zero could I find. I post the final list to blogchain#5 with all it's permalinks and what happens? Sidebar comes back up. My best guess is that what ever was causing the glitch went away when the pages hosted on my main page changed.

Man I so wanted to find and fix the problem just so I could say I had..but at least it's resolved.

Progress reports for the younger two are in. Ashley is gonna earn her $20.00 if she's not careful.
Her current grades stand as: A-english/language arts, B-world cultures/history,A-gym,C-science,B-math,A-reading.

David is sliding back into old patterns though. F-english/language arts,D-reading,B-world cultures/history,B-science,B-gym,D-math.
David has lost TV until the report card. He has been doing his homework, mainly goofing off in class instead of doing his work. After a full year of C's or better from him, I can not accept these grades as him trying his best. Sorry that bird don't fly, dog don't hunt, or what ever other popular saying you wish to use here.

The older boys are maintaining that they have not received such reports yet...I give them 5 days or I told them I'm calling the school.

The race for school secretary is still going..that ends on Monday. Results to be posted as soon as I find out anything. This does not seem to be causing any more rifts in homelife than normal. So that is a good thing.

Sent out my first query letter, got my first rejection this week. I knew/know that they are more common than acceptance letters so little sting. When you are working on needlework and you stab yourself with the needle, just a little prick..knowing that the finished product will be well worth the effort,you keep going. I will keep going.


Anonymous yomamma said...

Glad to hear that Ash is doing well. Try taking David to a chriopractor. I know, it sounds funky, but studies show that in many cases, dyslexia and other learning problems can be solved by a chiropractic adjustment. If the doc says no problem, then you can beat his little butt for him lol.

9/07/2006 04:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

after a while the rejects only hurt because of the paper cuts :)

9/07/2006 05:33:00 PM  
Blogger Cath Smith said...

Hey, congrats on the rejection - it's one out of the way before you get an acceptance. :)

9/08/2006 09:30:00 AM  
Anonymous yomamma said...

What Cath said!

9/08/2006 11:35:00 AM  

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