Saturday, October 07, 2006

Calgon...take me away!

Ever had one of those weeks? I'm not talking a really good week or a really bad week. I mean one of those weeks that make roller coaster designers jealous. If they could mimic the highs and lows in a week like I've had they would have the mother of all roller coasters.

The family has suffered a loss this week our beloved chihuahua Beaudreaux (Boo for short) past away very suddenly. Boo came into our lives unexpectantly shortly after Hurricane Katrina. My daughter had been screaming for months that she wanted a chihuahua, and my husband seconded her motion. He had had on named Chester when growing up and swore they were great dogs. I had no interest in a yappy little fur ball with permenant shakes. I did not have a high opinion of the breed, as I had never met one that I liked. One afternoon while my husband and I pulled into petsmart to pick up rat food. I saw a couple standing by a car holding a sign that said Free Chihuahua to good home. I innocently enough pointed it out to my husband, who turned the car around so fast you would of thought he was in a high speed chase. Long story short they were displaced and couldn't keep the dog anymore, they had a baby to think of. So Boo came home with us. I was not suprised with the bond he formed with my husband and children. I was suprised at the bond I formed with him. Boo was not a yapper, he didn't have the shakes. He was brave and out going and loved life and to play. Even the cats knew he was a special dog and thought he was their personal play toy. I never laughed so hard, as watching my cat Max chase Boo through the house( the cat being bigger than the dog). They would sleep together curled at my feet, and use each other as chew toys.

The first nine weeks is over, and as soon as I have complete confirmation of grades I will post them. This whole school period has been a study in roller coasters, up and down, went the grades. Chris has some things going on that have effected him negatively, but that seems to be passed and we are already seeing great improvements in him.

I'm sick again, with something. I swear since we've moved here I've been sicker than I have in my whole life and I just don't understand it. We pulled out the moldy carpet because I couldn't breath, put in hardwood that is easly swept and dusted. repainted, replaced sheet rock, still something continues to make me ill. Can you just develope allergies out of no where? But that wouldn't explain my kermit the frog, who slipped razor blades down my throat, feeling I get.
I feel it comming on too. The itch under the skin on your back that you can't scratch, The tickle in your throat, that will have you convorting your toungue, in ways I don't think God intended. You twist it and turn it trying to reach that spot by your tonsils that you just can't scratch. You grab the q-tip(tm) ignoring the warning on the package of where not to stick it. Shoving the swab in as far as you can to scratch from one side, while your tongue gets the other. It is 85 degrees outside, and I keep alternating between sweats and fuzzy slippers ,and trying to get as close to naked as I can.

My friend, Matt, over atFireflies in the Cloud is hosting a flash fiction contest for Holloween.
The prizes are awesome (and as I uh forgot to order his book this weekend-sorry Matt-) I am really thinking of entering. He did say Holloweeny/horror-ly so trying to let my mind come up with something. I really do want the autographed copy of his Trailer Park Fairytales and the picture from Lili ( I have just the spot picked out on my desk for it). Even if you don't enter..order his book; cause wether I order it or win it..I probably won't share my copy! So click on the link above or follow the link to your right ----> but check it out...


Blogger Beav said...

I would say it's possible that your sickness is a reaction to your Mother-In-Law. I know she makes *me* want to be ailing. The poison-hate she lives on can't be good for the rest of us.

10/08/2006 12:02:00 PM  
Blogger Kappa no He said...

I am so sorry about Boo. Animals really are family members. That is so sad. And the mysterious allergy is strange. I hope you find out the cause soon! I'm excited about Matt's contest too. Been playing with ideas.

10/09/2006 06:01:00 AM  
Anonymous bobbiemonster said...

I am so sorry to hear about Boo. Please give the children and hubby a hug of condolence. On the illness part of your post; Do you not remember that you live in THE mold capitol of the world. (Here comes the mother part)..stop smoking, use nasal saline spray daily and get an air purifier. Also, re-read beav's comment, sea salt and sage smoke for the more spirtial (bad type) ailments.

10/09/2006 10:39:00 AM  

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