Friday, December 29, 2006

Things that make you go....AUGGHHHH!

There are benefits to taking your husband to work before even the roosters are up, like having time for a blog entry, and drawbacks. I was returning home this morning from delivering my husband to his place of employ, hardly a sole on the road, and came to the one red light working so far. As I proceeded to stop a terriable squealing, grinding noise assaulted my ears. My heart started racing as I briefly wondered if the car would be able to stop at all. My fear and my hearing over-riding my other senses. I safely came to a complete stop and eased off of the brakes slightly, but the sound continued. I knew it was over, the brakes I had been trying to milk a few more miles out of, had finally given out and now I was doing irrepatiable damage to the only mode of transportation we have. I sat at the stop light trying to quickly find imaginary money to replace the brakes on the car, in my mind,when I noticed the grinding sound was still continuing. This is when I looked around and saw a garbage truck across the intersection from me. DOH! I'm saved for another week.

With the move, and christmas the belts are a little tight at the moment. So things like brakes and trips to the dentist to have Hubbys molar yanked are on the back burner as not "high priority items". Not to mention I killed the vacume cleaner my sister lent me...I mean metal shaving shot out from underneath it..this can not be good right? So the brakes wait, and hubby suffers in semi-silence until such time as these things can be addressed. No we do not have insurance...and I told you all of the above to say this:

We don't have health or dental insurance costs to dang much! For a family of 6 it runs us about $180.00 - $200.00 a week depending on the provider, that doesn't include co-pays and perscriptions. Now say an emergency trip to the doctor runs around $100.00 and these dont' happen that often is actually cheaper for me to just pay the doctor than to pay some stupid company to use my money to cover part of the bill for me later. I dont' know about the rest of you but I can not afford to give up that much of my paycheck to pay for something that might or might not happen...I'm just saying. Then the hassle of finding a doctor who will take the certain type of coverage you might have...instead just going to see the doctor you like.

The insurance companies are a scam that need to be brought in check..just my opinion,but it does have a little factual basis to stand on. Insurance has always been a betting game, since it came into being. Many moons ago...okay the late 1700's, early 1800's, a gentle man of a certain rank could go to his club of choice and offer a wager in a certain book that was held in all the clubs of note. This wager would state that the Gentleman would still be alive on a certain date and if he was, the money collected from the pool would then be paid to the gentleman. Others could also "weight" in on this bet, either for or against the death with portions of the pool being paid out to them as well. This was called an insurance marker. Sounds like fun uh? and the perfect way for a bored gentleman to spice up his othewise droll life.


Anonymous Guildenstern said...

I do understand your frustration, and agree that the costly nature of insurance is out of control. And it is ironic that they find ways to blame us for the rates, because we have the audacity to requirs the services we are paying for.

Still, if, say, your hubby is spiking temps of 103 and 104 for an entire night and keeps shivering and crying from the pain and you, a medical professional, suddenyl feel helpless, it is nice to know that the trip to the ER will only run around $50 thanks to your copay.

And that the expensive flu medication they give him will only run $30 instead of hundreds because of your script coverage.

12/29/2006 08:10:00 AM  
Anonymous yo Momma said...

Try putting a smaller sum, say 20 a week into a savings account to be used for medical expenses. Does your employer offer a pre-paid medical account, its a use it or lose it account that you put "X" dollars a paycheck into and then you present the receipts for medical expenses. The account will let you draw up to the amount of the annual accruement at one time to REIMBURSE you for the medical expense.

1/02/2007 12:58:00 PM  

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