Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the shelf....(aka what I've been reading lately)

I seem to be on a bit of an adventure, suspense kick at the moment.

Rage by Jonathan Kellerman. Alex Delaware is still doing consulting work for the Police Department, it's not a serial killer this time..just one person bent on revenge. It keeps you wondering who the "person" is until the end..and even then your left with the question..who is the good guy and who is a bad guy..and when did that line turn grey?

On the Run by Iris Johansen, I have loved this author since the day I mistook her book Ugly Duckling, for a romance by Susan Johnston..and this one does not disappoint. It has everything a girl could want in a story intrigue, a handsome leading man, well rounded supporting characters, guns, a sheik, oh and HORSES... The thing I love about Ms. Johansen is that she's like a black hole...she sucks you in and doesn't let you go, even on the last page your disappointed the story is over and your ready for another one.

The Power Broker by Stephen Frey. This one is for all of you conspiracy theorists out there. Who really decideds who runs for president? And can one man stand up to those powers even if it's two groups pulling in opposite directions..and come out the other side a whole man? I don't' know the answer yet as I'm still reading this one. It is keeping me guessing and I sure can't figure out how this one is going to end. I usually shy away from political stories (for obivious reasons-see why I'm not allowed to read the newspaper), But Mr Frey does an excellent job of well rounded characters and keeping the plot moving so it doesn't become stagnant. I can imagine that this story moved up the ranks from reader to publishers desk in a hurry.


Blogger Kappa no He said...

Hey, I read several books at the same time too. I also tend to get into themes as well.

2/01/2007 12:53:00 AM  

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