Thursday, January 04, 2007

They say answers come in the weirdest ways.......

Sometimes I will be struck by odd, random questions. Usually brought on by things happening around me. Today one of those instances occured.

I was on my way to work, following my normal route and trying to be mindful of my speed. The local police like to hide at the bottom of a certain hill and pop speeders as they come down. Coming down the hill, applying brake to slow the speed of the car, I suddenly thought of someone in a buggy or wagon trying to make it down that same hill. And how they would need to apply the brake so the wagon wouldn't run the horses over. This thought led to another. Did the cops bust people for speeding back then? How would you know if someone was speeding? What if their horse just happened to be faster than yours? Or if the speed limit was say 20 miles an hour, but your wagon was pulled by 4 horses did you have to go twice as slow as others on the road so as not to exceed the speed limit?

I got to work and proceeded about my day, this random stray thought tucked away in the random drawer. Until I went to lunch.

As I waited for my food I occupied myself by reading a little newspaper/newsletter left for patrons to puruse. At the bottom was a "Random Fact" portion. It informed me that President Grant ( yes as in Ulysses) once recieved a speeding ticket for going to fast in his buggy. So there you are. If asked correctly all questions recieve answers, even random ones asked in your head, in your car while on your way to work...

Personally I think the Big Guy was just reminding me that he was still with me and even my little thoughts matter to him...what a great thing to know :)


Blogger Kappa no He said...

Another connection: Julyan is feeling quite blue (we just got back to Japan) and he just gets real despondent and says I'm so sad, I'm so sad...nothing I say to cheer him up works so I was telling him to ask over and over, why am I sad?...what can I do to feel better? and then wait for an answer. I told him when you ask questions like that you get answers. I can now use you as a current example of how that is true! lol

1/06/2007 01:18:00 PM  

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