Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'll get you Blogger..and your little dog too!!!!

A.K.A. "I didn't wanna do it". For months I have resisted changing from "old blogger" to "new blogger". I didn't want to have to sign up for a google account, I have enough accounts spread around the web, that I don't remember what half of them are for. But, they got me anyway. I went to sign in the other day and it refused to let me, UNTIL I signed up with google..Damn them! I caved like a little Biatch and signed..Oh god I have no scrupples.

I did entertain the notion of hunting down another place to but my blogg, but the trama I endured when switching from to blogger was really enough to last me a life time. And, as everyone can still post with out having to join some stinking special club..I'll bite the bullet of being whipped like a dog, that piddled on the floor, and stick around for awhile.

Speaking of metaphors...My friend and fellow wordgeek (cept she is geekier than me) put this little jewel up . She got it from another friend of ours "Da Beav" But enjoy..and maybe Muse will bite you in the rear... Not Jason Muse..the other one. Although, if asked, Jason might do it too, he's weird like that.


Blogger Beav said...

Maybe one day I'll switch, too.

2/12/2007 03:10:00 PM  

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