Monday, March 12, 2007

I must be getting old...

Day light savings time snuck up on me this year. I really like "springing forward",usually. It means I get more day in my day. But didn't it come awful early this year? Doesn't it usually happen closer to or after Easter? Or has my age effected my since of time?

I remember a time when it was a friends birthday, you went to the card store or the grocery store (depending on the friend) and spent time perusing the birthday cards to find just the right one. Now I find myself perusing the available animations and glitter words for saying "Happy Birthday" to my friends on My space. Actually this is kind of embarrassing. At least with cards if you don't receive that could say well maybe money is tight and let it go. Besides no one would know how many you did or didn't receive. Unlike Myspace, where all of your comments are visible and you can easily see how few or many Birthday greetings a person got. High school was nicer to my self esteem.

10 pm used to be the time to head out and "Get the Party started", now 10 pm is the time to head up to bed.


Anonymous Mom said...

Its ok, kiddo, I'm usually in bed before 10:30, see what you have to look forward to?

3/12/2007 01:33:00 PM  

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