Thursday, March 08, 2007

A night of Hero's...

Last night we rented movies and sat around the computer monitor. We didn't get "Flushed Away" as Hubby didn't think we would be able to appreciate it very well on the monitor. It's funny that we have a 19 inch color monitor, and I remember when a 19 inch TV was "Da Bomb!"

We did rent "The Guardian", "Catch a Fire", and "Flags of Our Fathers".

"The Guardian": I was surprisingly impressed with this movie. The plot is a little over done in that the older more experienced guy takes the newbie under his wing. That said, it did shine some light on an under looked branch of our Military. And Kevin and Ashton weren't bad on the eyes either. I'm not saying "BUY THIS MOVIE", but I will give it "If your looking for something to rent you haven't seen, check it out." Like a weekend reader..this movie fills that nitch.

"Catch a Fire": Tim Robbins and Derek Luke both give awesome performances in this flick. Watching an Anti-terrorist official create a terrorist, leads to some interesting philosophical questions. What this movie boils down to though, is a great story, told by great story tellers. That the story is true(or at lest based on truth)makes it all the more compelling. A true study in human nature and all those lovely shades of grey, that make it.

"Flags of Our Fathers": What defines a hero? Do hero's really see themselves as hero's or just doing what needs done at the time? Some may feel that a story about WWII maybe out dated, but some of what effected them, still resides, still affects, us today.

So over all? No tankers on this list of video's..but maybe next time.


Blogger Kappa no He said...

I am so behind on watching movies. I quite litarally have a ten year blank when I didn't watch ONE movie. To remedy this situation I'm setting aside movie time for myself every week. You gave me a good idea. When these two are watching their goofy shows on Saturday nights I'll just sit here with my headphones on and enjoy something of substance!

3/09/2007 04:48:00 AM  

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