Monday, November 26, 2007


We've all seen the reviews. The highest I've seen the movie get is a B, and this leaves me a bit perplexed. For once they actually stuck to the story line! I know. I couldn't believe it either,but I was impressed. As for the graphics, any online gamer will tell you they did a really good job. The best part of the film for me?

Normally when I watch a 3d movie, I'm left wondering what the big deal is. For what ever reason I do not get to enjoy the same effects as everyone else. This time I actually got to see the stuff popping off the screen! I must say this new "REALD" is awesome. Even the upcoming movie previews popped. Looks like they are going to do more movies with this technology. I for one am all for it. Brandon Frasier will be delighting me this summer in a remake of "Journey to the Center of the Earth", and really, any sci-fi/fantasy fan worth their salt will be checking this one out.

The worst draw back to the new REALD will be the glasses. No longer are they paper and films red and blue lens. Now you either look like Drew Carey or Buddy Holley. But I much prefer that look to the old style glasses.

As for Beowulf and his group of fighting thanes? Well as soon as the DVD goes on sale, I shall invite them all to live with me.


Anonymous yomamma said...

Funny, I don't remember Beowulf making out with Grendel's mom. I guess I'd better go back and re-read the whole thing and see what else I missed.

11/30/2007 04:25:00 PM  
Blogger Bk30 said...

well, maybe I miss read it. It was "high"school after all LOL

11/30/2007 10:16:00 PM  

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