Monday, November 26, 2007

Hello, Insomnia, My Old Friend (sung to Simon and Garfunkle tune)

You have to love the bouts. No story brewing that would be to easy. No, it's the kind where you run through your head what you should have done or should have said. How you should spend your money, which only leads to what you still have left to purchase. Which will of course lead to where the kids should go to college. My personal favorite, how will you pay for college.

I know these moments of self doubting are normal. I understand it's slings and arrows to make me doubt the decisions I've made in my life lately. I know where they come from and how to fight them. I know that they will pass in time. I just hate going through them.

It's the time in the evening when the house is all sleeping and I am forced to be still with only my own thoughts


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