Monday, November 05, 2007

I haven't been posting because.....

1) The dog ate my rough draft.

2) A huge tornado swept through my town and took me to a far away place.

3) I wrote it, hit what I thought was post and it deleted the whole thing.

4) I still haven't finished reading War and Peace.

5) I needed to do my hair.

Basically I could come up with a thousand and one excuses to go with the Arabian nights, but none of them would hold water for long.

I haven't written because of what I am afraid will show up on the page. As some of you know, Allen and I have separated again. Out of that feelings are being felt that I'm not comfortable putting down for the world to see. And as I tend to write what I'm feeling, I didn't write.

It didn't help that I would peruse his blog and go from sad, to anger, to thoughts of flaming him all over his own blog. I needed to get my emotions in check. I won't say that I'm all better. I will say I'm okay. Good days, bad days, sometimes a little of both.

Separation/Divorce has it's own grieving process like death. Just not sure where in the process I am.

On a lighter note...getting good material on the pro's and con's of dating in the modern era.


Blogger Kappa no He said...

Oh gee girl, I hope you feel better. If I were there I'd make you all sorts of lovely comfort foods and we'd watch a movies late into the night. Just know I've been missing you online and been worrying. You're in my thoughts sweety.

11/07/2007 06:11:00 AM  

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