Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Radio Silence

This blog is many things, and yet no one thing. It is a journal of sorts. A way for me to communicate with my family and friends. A way for me to push myself and work on the tools of my craft that I am learning. Like most creative outlets it isn't used as often as it should be. I can go months and post everyday. Then silence.

Sometimes I am actually doing other things. Life jumps in and says "I'm going to take over for a while." And the time I would use to write (here, or elsewhere) gets eaten up. Next thing you know it's the end of the day and I am to tired, to even begin trying to formulate words into coherant thought. Or, you plan to sit and say something, but 5 minutes of quiet can not be found. My least favorite reason for radio silence is having nothing to say. Spending all day, trying to capture a fleeting thought that might make a decent entry. A bit of prose, a critic of something, even just a bit of "Hey, this was my day."

Half way into the day idea you realize...girl, no one wants to hear how many loads of laundry you did, or what you made for dinner. In as much as your friends and family love you..this is not news.

Things of note that have been going on? Justin got promoted in JROTC. It technically wasn't to happen until around Christmas break, but he got his early. Go Jay!

Grades around these parts still tends to be a sore subject. Dang that old Curse of the Parent. Apparently 300 "I'm sorry I was such a putz" to your Mom and Dad, does not break it. Believe me I've tried. And yes, I was to sincere.

What am I reading now? I recently read Send Another Hearse by Harold Q Masur. A lawyer, engaged by a publish agent, to find his missing partner. Only to come imbroiled in a Murder and said agent is blamed. I really got into the book because of the tie in to the publishing world, but for a quick read on a stormy weekend see if you can find a copy.

Dorothy Eden followed Mr. Mauser. First with The Laughing Ghost a nice little "gothic" Mystery, filled with smuggling, jewel thefts, and a ghost that huants the family home. The usual problems I have with Ms. Eden's work still applies. She does tie up loose ends neatly though.

Currently reading Afternoon Walk, also by Ms. Eden. About 1/2 through. It appears as if the main character is being "Gas lighted" by her husband...but it could be someone else. And if that is the case, how does she tie into the kiddnapping that happened several miles from her home, to a woman she doesn't even now?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

FFF#9 : Thistle Stone Soup

Engine, engine #9 going down the chicago line. If the train should jump the track, do you want your money back? Why the rythme you ask? well, this is FFF#9. And even though I sort of "jumped the track" the past few weeks, I'm in it this time. Second, this weeks prompt was a flower and a Goblin. Which prompted the child in me to come out of hiding...for a little while at least.

Thistle Stone Soup

Blarg was hungry.

“Petra,” He called, “Petra, where is Momma?”

“She went to the Swamp, to get gas for Ghoul Tide supper.” His sister replied.

“But I’m hungry.” Said Blarg

“I know what a little Goblin likes.” Said Petra and took a mud cake from a shelf. “Here.”

The mud cake was good. Warm and gushy; filled with little pebbles that crunched in his teeth. Just like he liked it.

A few minutes after he had eaten the mud cake, Blarg’s belly growled.

“Petra, I’m still hungry.”

“oh, all right. I will see what else we have.” Petra stomped to the shelf of the cave, where all the food was stored.
“We have worm mash.”

“No. I don’t want mash.” said Blarg. “Do we have any Thistle Stone soup?”

“No, no soup.”

“I want some. Will you make it?”

“I am not making you Thistle Stone Soup. We don’t have what we need to make it.” Petra said, “I wouldn’t make it for you even if we did.”

Blarg glared at his sister. He snatched the worm mash and went outside.

“Stupid mash.” Blarg grabbed a handful of the mash and stuffed it into his mouth.

He spit it right back out.

“Augh, this isn’t worm mash. This is Dragon fly mash. I hate Dragon fly.”

Blarg threw the mash as far away as he could.

“I’ll get the stuff for Thistle Stone soup and make it myself.”

“I need Thistles. Those grow by the marsh.” said Blarg.
“hmm..I also need brackish water and stones.”

Blarg picked up the gathering sack and headed off to the marsh.

“oh, here are good stones.” Blarg smiled. A pile of smooth white stones where next to the path. “These are my favorite, nice and crunchy.”

A little ways more and he found a stand of Thistle’s growing. The first patch had big purple blossoms.

“Yuck, too fresh.”

The next patch, the flowers had fallen off and the stalks were brown. The thorns were nice and sharp.

“Just right for my soup.” Blarg picked the Thistle patch. “Now all I need is marsh water.”

“I forgot the bucket!” said Blarg “I can’t get the Marsh water. Now I can’t make my soup.”

Blarg threw down his gathering pouch in true Goblin temper.

Blarg looked into the tall marsh grass where he had thrown the bag. There, under the bag, was a rusty pail.

“Hurray!” yelled Blarg.

Blarg hurried the whole way home. “growl, grumble, grumble”

said Blarg’s stomach the whole way back.

When he got home, Blarg built up the fire like he had seen his Mom do.

“What do you think your doing?” asked Petra

“I’m making Thistle Stone Soup. I found the perfect stones.” Blarg put the stones in the big pot that stood over the fire.

“I found a pail to carry the Marsh water back.” Blarg poured in the Marsh water, from the rusty pail.

“And, I gathered the Thistle’s all by myself.” Last he put in the Thistles.

“You are going to cook?” said Petra and she walked out of laughing.

“Petra, Blarg...I’m home.” Said Momma

“Momma, Momma... I made Thistle Stone Soup all by myself.” Said Blarg

“Oh, really?” asked Momma, “Well lets see. Did you get stones?”


“Did you get Marsh water and old Thistles?’

“Yes, and I made the fire, just like you do.” said Blarg, “Do you want to try some?”

Blarg picked up two bowls and filled them with the soup. He got down two plates and put Mud Cakes on each.

“Come try it, Momma.” said Blarg

Momma sat down on her favorite boulder and carefully tasted the soup.

Momma didn’t say anything to Blarg, but she took another taste. Then another, and another, until the bowl was completely empty.

“BUUUURRPP” said Momma

Blarg smiled. A burp, is the best compliment you can give a Goblin on their cooking.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I want my Holloween (sung to I want my MTV)

Ahh, Holloween. Spooks, Goblins, and bumps in the night. Fairy Princess', Batman, Darth Vadar, Hobo's, and Magician's in which I delight.

This year there were none. Not one trick or treater. What is wrong with society? Where have all the goonies gone? I sat and I sat, with my bowl of treats, waiting for my eyes to take in the splendor of All Hollow's Eve American style.

This being the start of the end for me,as far as Holloween goes. I faced my new role as treat giver extrodinare with pleasure. My plan was get children ready, settle in game for a little RvR and pass out candy. Then when the door stopped knocking to watch the Ghost Hunters live on Sci-fi. Good plan right? Just...not what happened.

Chris went to his first Holloween party. Sans costume other than a Willy Wonka hat he picked up a few weeks ago. His B-day present to himself. Ashley and David went out with Justin, his girlfriend, and her brother and sister, in their neighborhood. I sat alone. Although Ashley was a very pretty Runemistress in her, gothic princess gown and cool skull staff we picked up for her. David was chilling in his role as death, complete with a double headed executioner axe and skull mask, with fake blood that he could make run down the mask. No, I didn't take pictures. Someone (not naming names *Allen*) forgot to get film.

RvR was a bust. Although we had talked about it off and on all day. I went to the "crazy witch Merchant" and bought a bunch of potions to make me look like a toon from a different realm. Not that many showed, then lag and Ld's and basicly getting farmed. On top of no trick or treaters, really bummed my night. Then I fell asleep watching Ghost Hunters. Luckly I had the forsight to record it and was able to finish watching it today. I actually enjoyed the episode more than I have in a long time. The background, scary noise they normally play was blissfully low. I could actually hear when people spoke to each other in whisphers and even caught with my own little ear voices, music, and foot steps before it was pointed out by the actual investigators. This is a gripe for another day though, I guess. Tonights episode is sure to be full of loud music and sounds to hurt my ears and cause that ball of frustration in my chest that makes me want to slap the producers and scream "Your KILLING A GREAT SHOW, you FLIPP"N MORRONS!", but I would never do that.

Speaking of killing great shows. Where was my Studio 60 this week? and why hasn't MEDIUM come back on yet? I think the excutives at NBC have some splain to do!!!!