Monday, April 23, 2007


17 years ago I was a teenager, a sophomore. I know exactly how many years ago, because I can measure the time by the age of my son. I decided I had found the person I wanted as my spouse, and I wanted a kid while I was young. I wanted to be able to remember what being a teenager was like, when my kid was one so I could relate.

As my classmates where fitted for formals I was being fitted for my wedding dress. The next fall as my friends got ready for homecoming, I prepared for a homecoming of my own. They decorated the gym for dances, I decorated the nursery.

Now my children are teenagers, do I remember what it was like? yes. Does it help me relate to them? HEll NO.

People who say they never want to live high school over, are either liars or not parents of teens. I tell you no lie my friend, I would rather be the teen than the parent.

I'm sure people tried to warn me. To tell me that as you get older your way of thinking changes. So you may remember being a teen, but you won't, can not, think like a teen. No matter how hard you try. Your parent brain over rides the teen brain. Causing fights, and power plays and the temptation to throw in the towel and quit can be over whelming. But I didn't listen, because I was a teen.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You Might be Married to a Computer Junkie if...

1. If your spouse takes the laptop to the tub with them.

2. Their eyes glaze over and they begin to drool when you pass the Computer or Electronics store.

3. On release day for VISTA, you mistake them for a child awaiting the next Harry Potter book.

4. The laptop is now sharing your pillow.

5. Cleaning under the mattress you find the stash of Maxium PC.

6. You over hear your spouse in the other room, " Oh my god, your so beautiful.", "That's what I'm talking about!", only to discover they are surfing computer parts on line.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

As the Old Saying Goes.....

Every Place has an adage that is true for that area. One of ours is " Never plant until the first weekend after Easter." It doesn't matter if March came in like a lion or a kitten and left like a lamb or a wet noodle. It doesn't matter that the highs for a month have consistently been in the mid 70's to 80's, or that the water temperature is 75 degrees. It doesn't matter if you have been swimming every day for a month. You don't plant before the first weekend after Easter, because this can happen:

Today: currently 42 degrees feels like 32. High for today 57. Low 37

Tomorrow (Easter Sunday): High of 55, Low of 42 showers in the afternoon.

Monday: High of 65, low of 53, Am showers.

Tuesday: High of 73, low of 67

Families all across the panhandle are now rethinking their Easter Plans. Instead of flocking to the beach or having a picnic outside, the kids will either hunt eggs bundled up outside in the morning, or will have to resort to the dreaded in door Easter egg hunt.

Menus are being changed from: Cold ham slices, potato salad, corn on the cob, and Jello. To: Baked Ham, Scalloped/mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and cake.

Mom's are quickly rethinking presents in the Easter Basket. "Doh, I got Jimmy the pail and shovel basket..I should have gotten the one with the cars."

So next time one of your neighbors, or the little old lady in the grocery line, tells you an adage about your area, listen. Even if you have lived there for Five years and never witnessed it yourself. You have been warned. Now I get to laugh at all the southern transplants at the bank, who did listen to us old timers when we warned them weeks ago..."You never plant until the first weekend after Easter."

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I would love to tell you about Chris shocking his father and I last night, not only by having homework he admitted too, but by having it done. Then he tops that with producing a total of six A's, all in Math. I think the oxygen escaped my body as I let my hope rise in that my son is on his way back to being himself.

But I don't have time and I'm totally exhausted. This is the first of the month. The time when a banker is like the tax man on April 15th, except for us it happens every month. My bank is one of the few left, that cashes government checks for people with out an account and with out a fee. I told you it's a small,old school bank. So needless to say, by the time I get home for the next couple of days..well basically I pour myself into a chair and don't move. Add to that drama that the new Washington State quarter was released yesterday and fifty billion requests for it all to be answered
"I'm sorry, we receive our coin from the reserve on Tuesdays. We are hoping that our shipment will arrive tomorrow, but if not please check back once a week. They are sure to arrive soon. Is there anything else I can help you with?"
And make it sound sincere,not like a broken record. Thank God I took Drama, lol.

Hubby was off last night and as much as I wanted to sink into oblivion when I got home, he didn't let me. We have been doing a lot of "walks down Memory Lane" lately. considering the place we met is now 4 blocks from where we live, or a 1/2 a block if you go via the beach. He suddenly has an interest in walking. We snapped the leashes on the dogs and headed off. We were treated to a beautiful sunset and two dolphins playing in the Bayou. The sunset I sort of took for granted, there is show like that every night when you live on the water, but the dolphin's were a rare treat.

I tried last week to work an entry in draft form and post it when it was done, but that didn't work out so well. Blogger posted it in between two other entries, because the day I started it, was before the day of my last post. But if your looking for a movie review scroll down a' hiding in there.

Maybe I'll try writing my post ideas out long hand and transcribe them to blogger when I'm done, but it will have to wait..until hell week is finished.